So does anyone here think that Bryke may have seen our bending headcanons and decided to make them real?

I mean, lava bending was a thing before…I guess. I feel like the fandom thought of that before we saw it for the first time.

But what Zaheer did to the Earth Queen was definitely brought up by fans-how airbenders can be just as lethal as waterbenders.

Of course it’s completely acceptable if Bryke came up with these ideas on their own, because they are creative guys, too.

So here is the thing about lavabending.

Up until recently, we have only seen avatars lavabend. So we weren’t sure as to which element took on lava. Fire or earth.
Now we have confirmed that lava is indeed an earthbending subcategory, but some still question if firebenders can lavabend, too.

My answer right now is no. I might be wrong, but let’s look at this scientifically.
Lava is essentially really hot earth. Earthbenders work lava the same way as water/ice benders. They increase the friction of the atoms within the elements to generate heat, or to take it away. When you heat up ice, it turns into water. Same with earth.
The reason why lava is so hot is not because it has fire, but because the melting points of all stones and crystals are much higher than that of ice, and therefore require more friction and heat in order to melt. Since more heat must be generated, then lava is very hot.
"But if firebenders can’t bend lava, then why could both Toph and Katara bend mud?"
Like I said. Lava isn’t fire, and it doesn’t have fire in it. The reason why Toph can bend mud is because she bends the earth in the mud. Katara bends the water in the mud. You can separate the earth and the water by boiling the mud. You can’t do that with lava. You can’t separate the fire from the earth, because lava isn’t fire and it doesn’t have fire in it.

Anonymous asked:

i think ghazan is like vibrating the earth particles fast enough for them to heat up and that's why they melt and turn to lava


this makes sense i’d still be mad if i were in the avatarverse since it’s like two elements in one but you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t think that firebenders can bend lava. Roku and Avatar Jafar did it cause they were avatars. They could earthbend. Firebenders bend fire and lightening because they are energy.
Lava is to earth as water is to ice. Water is ice with heat put to it. Same with lava. It’s earth with heat put to it.
Lava isn’t fire. It’s just hot. It might put things on fire, but lava itself isn’t fire.