((Lin really just didn’t want a family?

It wasn’t that she couldn’t. She just didn’t want to.

That’s what Bryke said…

I just wanna cry. This is what this ship does to me.

Damn it you two…you just couldn’t compromise?¬†Usually, I get angry and take it all out on Tenzin or Pema. But…..Lin….ugh!

I still understand you more than anyone. We are on the same page after all…for the most part.

I blame this on her father now. If he really did just straight up leave Toph, then this would all make sense. It would be the “I don’t want to be hurt and left behind like my mother was” mentality. So she refused to go any further into the relationship, and then Tenzin just left.

Whether or not that was Lin’s intentions is up to question.

As much as I want Lin to find another, I just can’t imagine her with anyone else but Tenzin.

But you guys don’t even understand why exactly this upsets me.

Or maybe I’m just upset because I’m already having a really bad day.

Oh, my Linzin feels.))